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the obama biden white house will release the memos detailing in specifics our drone strikes policy. >> will president obama release the memos? >> i have nothing for you on alleged memos regarding poe ten sally classified matters. without going into the alleged existence of any particular memo or action i can say that what we can not do is discuss classified operations. >> jon: alleged memos did you just go jedi mind trick on us? these are not the drones you are look for. tell you something carney, you are good but you are no sith lord. yes, master. i don't know what is worse, the alarmingly ambiguous guidelines for the strike program or the fact thawr saying we might not have written these down in memo form. surely there are memos on this. >> there are legal memos written by the justice department on this killing just as there were legal memos under the bush administration about the use of torture. >> jon: that's got to hurt. though obviously this is different from the bush administration secret war policy in that i assume the democrats have written them on recycled paper. [ laught
story. dennis: joining us this hour one of the men behind president obama's housing policy, former chairman of the council of economic advisers austan goolsbee. cheryl: the new york housing seen changing almost overnight from a buyers to sellers market. sandra smith will sell us what you can buy for just $2.7 million. dennis: on the west coast robert gray in the exclusive hollywood hills where the number of homes sold for $500 or more has the new record. look at this beauty. stocks every 15 minutes, nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. nicole: we had a $14,000 mark and pull back a little bit and saw some up arrows. we are not up for the week however, we did close last friday at 14,009 and today we are at $13,993. the market is pretty good, $518 million vs $79 million, retail stocks and bank stocks doing well. also wanted to get the a o l shares which are storing today, doing well on their ad revenue so sales numbers are very good, also announcing a stock buyback program of $100 million. you could see mr. armstrong in the 3:00 p.m. show with liz claman so stay tuned
with president obama at the white house to talk about all of this as he is a tiredless advocate and a tall guy that made it so nice for me to interview him. >> it was so interesting to me because the stigma was so great as people do not remember for them to go public. >> and they said that we would not be sitting here, being hiv positive. >> what about the kids here today? >> their issue is knowing the status and then embracing it if you are hiv positive as it is not a death sentence. you know i don't need to worry about it as much as you would have to, but they are constantly out there telling kids that they will need to know their status because of the early diagnosis that they talked about. >> the message never gets old. i appreciate it. >> there is a nor'easter out there, making their way towards us. they were out in the weather center with more details on what they will get and what the other folks are going to get. >> yes, i really am. even philadelphia will get significant snow from this on the backside of the storm. the first thing is first with a winter weather advisory, north and wes
and aids activist magic johnson meeting with president obama at the white house. johnson was in town yesterday for an event at howard university hospital. the president and johnson met briefly discussed hiv and aids in the african- american community. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> traffic at a standstill at the bay bridge toll plaza. a motorcycle accident on the suspensions bandbox at least three lanes. the big rig that may have caused it is blocking the right lane further down. traffic is at a standstill and is rapidly backing up. alternate routes of the san mateo bridge, the richmonds and revell bridge and the golden gate bridge. i love more on this in a south bay hot spot that i
magic johnson the meeting with president obama at the white house. johnson was in town yesterday for a bit at howard university hospital. the president and johnson met briefly and discussed hiv and aids in the african- american community. >> before the new eastern span of the bay bridge opens the vehicles the bay area is being invited to try out on fled. the $6.3 billion that will officially open on september 3rd the tuesday after labor day. the days before that there'll be a huge party. the bay bridge toll authority is planning to allow people to walk, run and biked across the bridge. we are also learning about a wire works show at the ceremony when the bay bridge lights are officially turned on. >> it's been 24 years. >> this is going to come cheap right? a big party means a big price tag. about $12 million. >> the curiosity rover has drilled a test hole at the marsh and rock and preparation for the rogue bank. images released by nasa shuttering a powder that was generated by the drill at the end of the robbers robotic arm. the whole measure less than an inch deep. scientists p
for the reporters on the obama white house beat than it is for you. you do not have to show up an hour early for a president to give you a list of questions you'll ask ask. i should have skipped that one. [laughter] i had a hunch the president was not going to be here tonight, but i did not want to interrupt the wednesday night skeet shooting he has going on. actually, we all know that the republicans are the minority in this town. it is quite a amazing to think that the republicans are having trouble with so many groups these days. women, hispanics, gays, the disabled, jews, catholics, newt gingrich's ex-wives, and basically anybody who has never seen an episode of "murder, she wrote." [laughter] let's face it -- the only advantage to being a republican in this town is you get to park in the handicapped space. i do not know why the approval rating for the united states congress is so low when we have not done anything. [laughter] but i will say this -- we just keep on trying. just the other day there wors te high level meeting. strategize the ways the party can improve its image and become
. are they going to get john brennan who has been the right- hand adviser of president obama in a political white house, and, by the nature of the position, i do not say that critically. that is the position. or are they going to get john brennan who was a career cia officer, who worked his way up in the ranks? and the concern is that they want to hear that you are going to be the cia's representative to the white house, not the white house's representative to the cia. i want to give you the opportunity today to respond to that concern. i would note that i also heard a very good comments from people with whom i talked, but i think it is in accordance -- it is important that you are going to be the leader of the agency and not the white house's agent within the agency. >> thank you, senator. if i were to be honored to go out to cia, the cia would get the john brennan who is neither a democrat nor republican, nor has ever been. the john brennan who has a deep appreciation, respect in the intelligence profession, one who has been fortunate to have lived in 25 years, a john brennan who has had the gr
mayor howard wolfson, editor of "the new republic" frankly for, politico white house reporter carrie rudolph brown making her debut, and our old hand bloomberg white house correspondent hans nichol. there isn't much overlap between critics of george w. bush and barack obama unless you are talking counterterrorism. members of code pink, a group founded during the bush administration to protest the policies of waterboard and detention made their voices heard at yesterday's confirmation hearing for john brennan as cia director. >> they won't even tell congress what country we are killing children in. >> please -- >> senator feinstein. >> if you could please expedite the removal. >> more important than the children of pakistan and yemen? are they more important? do your job! >> the hearing serve as a public discussion of the most controversial counterterrorism policies that began under president george w. bush and, in part, have continued and expanded under president obama. brennan's defense of the secrecy surrounding the administration's most questionable program, targeted assassination
to transparency demand nothing less. >> reporter: late wednesday, mr. obama directed that the house and senate intelligence committees be given a classified memo on drone strikes abroad. it lays out the legal rationale for targeting american terrorism suspects. brennan has helped manage the program. oregon democrat ron wyden had pressed for release of the memo. he went directly to the issue during his first pass at questioning brennan. >> what should be done next to ensure that public conversation about drones so american people are brought into debate and have full understand what rules the government is going to observe when it conducts targeted killings. >> this hearing is one of the i think there is a misimpression on some of the am people that we take strikes to punish terrorists for past transgressions. nothing could be further from the truth. we only take such actions as a last resort to save lives when there is no other alternative to taking an action that's going to mitigate that threat. so we need to make sure there's an understanding, and the people that were standing up here today.
than anybody else. but untreated, we have a problem. >> reporter: stannic is president obama's ear, using white house meetings to push for more resources to identify and treat the mentally ill and keep dangerous people away from guns. the problem can be seen as jails across the country like this one, where an estimated 25% to 30% of inmates suffer from a mental illness. expects say not all those people belong here. those that do sometimes struggle to get the care they need. 8 of 9 killers in mass shootings last year had histories ofmental illness. few received care and none were blocked from purchasing weapons. >> when we run the background check for you to purchase or acquire a hand gun, if we say it's okay, you should be good to go. the fact of the matter it's not. it's america's dirty little secret. >> reporter: just 12 states submit mental health data to the database, and only that do only include court ordered records. president obama said strengthening that system is a top priority, proposing money for states for better recordkeeping and asking doctors to report credible thre
who have played president of the united states, but this moment with the vigor and use of the obama administration, there is so much focus placed on the white house, and you have to play the president, what made you want to do eight? >> there is a renewed interest and glamour and a new generation interested in politics. the biggest reasons were a combination of ann curry washington and -- of kerry washington and shonda rhimes. i have a long time felt that kerry is one of our best actresses working, and when shonda created the show i knew that would be interesting. i thought if there is a potential love interest with kerry washington, that is something you do not want to turn around, for a lot of reasons. >> that would be scandal. what do you make of the success she has in a relatively short time. she has got some hits in a relatively short time. when i read the pilot script and saw the first episode, immediately i thought, this woman has such a distinctive voice. when i think shonda is gifted, she has an idea of what people want to see in terms of popcorn, soap opera on value, but a
by a wake and funeral tomorrow. first lady michelle obama will attend the funeral. she'll be joined by white house adviser valerie jarrett, and education secretary arne duncan... who once headed the chicago public schools. pendleton was shot at a park last week, a mile from the obamas' home in kenwood. a lyric opera performer, burned in the face during a rehearsal is out of the hospital. and here's how wesley daniel looks now. the accident happened monday while daniel practiced a fire- breathing stunt. wesley's father told reporters his son is still speaking in a "whispery croak" and mostly communicating with hand gestures. it'll be another week or so before he gets his voice back. another a-t-m scam at northern trust bank- this time in the northern suburbs. police in lake forest are working with northern trust on this most recent a-t-m fraud case. authorities found a skimming device attached to an a-t-m in the lobby of the bank's branch on east deerpath. this comes just one day after police found skimming devices on two a-t-m's in west suburban hisndale. in all cases, stolen acco
answer from president obama's nominee to be the cia director. the white house counter terror chief right now john brennan. his confirmation hearing got off to a really dramatic start even before the grilling began. demonstrators interrupted brennan over and over again until the head of the intelligence committee had enough. >> we're going to halt the hearing. i'm going to ask that the room be cleared. [shouting] >> we will will recess for a few minutes. >> shepard: those demonstrators were protesting drone missile strikes against terror suspects. this week we got a look at the government guidelines for using those strikes to kill americans. in essence, top officials have to decide you are a senior terror leader and imminent threat to other americans and that it would be too dangerous to try to capture you. they do not have to go to court. they don't have to charge you with a crime. they don't have to give you a lawyer. senators from both parties demanded more documents and last night the justice department gave the intelligence committee the classified legal arguments for the government
refused to call waterboarding torture. >>> new revelations as to what the white house didn't do to help the rebels in syria and why president obama went against the advice of his top advisers. >>> before we get to our top political stories we begin with what will be a record-setting winter storm bearing down on the northeast. could bring easily up to 2 feet to new york city, long island, all of connecticut, all of rhode island, eastern massachusetts, coastal new hampshire and maine blizzard warnings. millions of people, hours left to prepare, the blizzard of 2013 is starting today. you can see where it's located behind me, off the outer banks of north carolina, the heavy rain shield goes up through the mid-atlantic, all the way into southern jersey. the snow part of the storm has yet to begin. that will happen as we go through the morning hours and especially after noon today into new england. that's really your cut-off time if you're anywhere from federal jersey northward. whatever you have to get done, you'll do it in rain this morning. after about noon, get off the roads. that's when
to kill this man. he was also a u.s. citizen and the obama administration agreed to show congress the legal opinion justifies such attacks. the white house argues that from strikes effectively target america's enemies but critics cite heavy civilian casualties and the u.s. relies on them too much. >> the drone is the only weapon that really frightened insurgents. it is ineffective. we cannot possibly kill these people one at a time and expect to come out on top. >> they are clearly not invincible. iranian tv has shown these pictures that come from a u.s. surveillance drone they captured two years ago. it's interesting timing. >> with me here in the studio is a former adviser to president obama's special up is that it to afghanistan and pakistan. you understand this area of the world very closely. how important is this to the national security? >> it has killed a number of al qaeda leaders but it has not decimated the organization completely. it has pushed them to move into other areas of the middle east. also, at a very high political cost. it does cause an enormous amount of ange
. sandy victim so fed up with fema and red tape, she wrapped her house in red tape and posted signs writtenning the government for its response. remember when president obama said this. >> we're not going to tolerate red tape and bureaucracy. >> no bureaucracy, no red tape. >> we don't have any patient for bureaucracy. we don't have any patience for red tape, and we want to make sure we're figuring out a way to get to yes as opposed to no. >> been hearing a lot of nos lately. sam, show the pictures of your house. you did this in direct response to president obama? >> yes. he went on television before the storm was even over, saying how it was a very dangerous storm, but the aid and the resources needed to get the people, there would be no red tape. they would cut through the bureaucracy, and he lied to us. >> what are the issues? has anyone told you when you're going to see aid or financial help? >> we're not looking for aid or financial help. we're looking for what we paid for. we paid for flood policies that basically don't exist. we paid money year after year, and the insurance c
for all practical purposes who is president obama's hit man or assassination czar. he has been at the center of a secret process where the white house is deciding who lives and dies around the world every day, yet the conversation that took place was as though there were talking about whether or not they're going to add a wing onto a school in idaho something. we were talking about life and death issues for people not only u.s. citizens, but around the world. there was no discussion at all of the so-called signature strike. the idea the u.s. is targeting people whose identities it does not know, whose actual involvement in terror plots is not known, no discussion of the fact the obama administration authorized operations that killed three u.s. citizens in a two-week time frame in 2011. one from was a 16-year-old boy who was sitting in having dinner with his cousins in yemen. no discussion of the case of samir khan, a pakistani-american who was killed alongside anwar awlaki. his family had met with the fbi prior to his death. the fbi told his family that samir khan was not indic
warning, it takes hours to be able to respond. >> republicans have been sharply critical of the obama administration's response to the consulate assault on september 11th saying the white house ignored warnings that the consulate was vulnerable to an attack. at the hearing, panetta and dempsey also revealed they supported arming rebels in syria. a direct contrast to the official position of the obama administration. >>> funeral services will be held at arlington national cemetery today for a virginia soldier. 28-year-old sergeant aaron whitman was a native of virginia and a graduate of the citadel. he was the first u.s. combat casualty of the year. sergeant whitman was based out of fort stewart, georgia. >>> a school delay to tell you about this morning, not that wear too surprised about some of these rolling in. loud occupy county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> coming up next, we'll show you how victims of superstorm sandy last fall are getting ready for another stormy round. but first, let's talk to tucker barnes about the latest track. >> good morning. here we go. storm moving
're welcome. ciis the obama administration policy really that much different than the bush administration policy when you look at the point of transparency and bringing that power to fight the war inside the bounds of the white house? >> well, i think one of the issues is that even if you buy into the idea of using these assassinating an american citizen with a drone, for example, which i don't, but even if you do, it's obama promised us tran parent see. he promised oversight checks and balances, not what george bush had allegedly given us, and look. in that memo it goes beyond almost the torture memo in the sense that there's almost no situation where the president can't kill somebody, you know. it's not -- as a legal document, i think the president obama that ran for office, even if he came to the conclusion when he was in office that look, there are people trying to kill us and we need to do this, would have at least tried to do something like a court, some sort of oversight. you have to make a case to some other person or a panel of judges. this is so far removed from who he presented
in chicago, there will be a funeral service for hideya pendleton. the white house let it be known to be that first lady michelle obama will be at the funeral, which will make this even more of a national scale tragedy than it already is. "first look" is up next. >>> good friday morning. right now on "first look," two fronts confine combine to create an epic winter storm with over 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts and as much as 2 feet of snow. >>> a massive manhunt is under way in california. a well-trained former cop and veteran is on a mission and the police are pulling out all the stops to nail him. >>> plus, senator feinstein says lawmakers may set up special courts to monitor drone strikes. why apple is sitting on over $137 billion in cash. and an as tried is about to come fascinatingly close to the earth. >>> millions along the northeast corridor are hunkering down for an epic winter storm. folks are stocking up and filling their tanks in anticipation of the massive nor'easter packing blizzard speed winds and crippling feet of snow. analyze are airlines have canceled thousands of f
, and libertarian right are taking issue with the obama administration drone policy. this is a family dispute in my house. polls show most americans support even most liberals if you will, even when it means killing americans who are plotting with al qaeda to kill other americans. >>> plus, four senators, two democrats and two republicans, are really working on a deal to expand at least background checks for gun sales. two of the four senators are members of the nra. if they can strike a deal, then a big part of president obama's gun safety proposals could be within reach. >>> plus, the terrific movie silver linings playbook puts mental illness in the spotlight tonight. we're joined by the director of that film the great david russell to talk about the issue and the oscar history the movie could make. i think it's got a shot. >>> texas governor rick perry escalate that is war with california counterpart. he's not even slightly a counsel per part, jerry brown is so much better. that's coming in the "sideshow" tonight. and this is "hardball" the place for politics. in america today we're running out
in 2009 president obama's nominee to head the cia who currently serves as the white house top counterterror advisor refuses to admit we're even fighting a war on terrorism. >> we're not wage ago war against terrorism because terrorism is, but a tactic that will never be defeated any more than the tactic of war will. rather, such thinking is a recipe for endless conflicts. we're not against terror because terror is a state of mind. >> sean: good grief. that's not all. just a few months later he said this about jihad. >> nor does president obama see this challenge as a fight against jihadist. describing terrorists in this way using a legitimate term jihad, to purify ones selves again a moral goal. >> so these comments and more will the senate confirm a cia director that calls jihad a legitimate tenet of islam? and joining me, gentlemen, welcome to the program. senator mike lee, jihad a legitimate tenet of islam. we're not fighting a war on terrorism? he's going to be the cia director? >> these are hardly mainstream beliefs sean, hardly someone we would expect of our top intellig
develops we'll bring it right to you on hannity. coming up next, president obama's pick to be the next head of the cia john brennan faced tough questioning on capitol hill. former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here with reaction to the testimony and senator lindsey graham how it went down at the heated benghazi hearing earlier today. >> with all due respect, i [ male announcer ] how can power conmption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. twe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. we all work remotely so this is a big deal, our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold pac
as well, soledad that the white house, president obama and fema are in touch with local and state officials ahead of this storm. >> it's good to hear on that front because it looks like it's going to be bad. brianna, thank you. indra petersons, in boston, 34 inches really? >> reporter: i want to you imagine you are in boston. it's been a mild winter, we're about 15 inches below normal for snow amounts and this morning we're seeing temperatures at the freezing mark. winds are gusting, 20-mile-per-hour steady winds but overall clear visibility. i want to show you where the customs tower is. this is less than a quarter mile, you can clearly see this this morning. by the afternoon, we're expecting snowfall rates of two to three inches per hour, gusts anywhere from 50 to even 70 miles per hour and that's the reason we have the blizzard warning in effect. this monstrous blizzard is expected to bring visibility down near zero. when all is said and done i can be standing here with three feet of snow and i can have banks of snow or flurries above my head. everyone is doing exactly what the
of talk about the inauguration address and president obama. one thing about his inaugural address, to your point, how little the economy was mentioned. i want to talk quickly house democrats retreat. they get together and sort of talk about where they are. bill clinton set to speak today and stephen colbert. what do you make of it? >> no one quite rallies democrats the way bill clinton does. so there's a little bit of a pep rally feel to something like this and i think that's what bringing in someone like stephen colbert does. but it's fundamentally not serious to have a comedian at something like this. we'll see if he's in character -- >> right. presents himself as a republican. >> and ribs some democrats. or if he presents himself more what his off camera appearance is. democrats kind of, people forget, dropped the ball having colbert testify at a hearing that became an embarrassment. they need to be careful with a little bit of that. >> thank you. one other point worth mentioning on colbert, his sister elizabeth colbert is running as a democrat for running in the congress in a special e
and on facebook. speaking at a meeting of house democrats, president obama previewed the state of union speech for tuesday. it focuses on energy proposals and immigration and proposals to reduce gun violence. this is 20 min. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. fired up? let me just say to all of the leaders gathered here today, because we are here as leaders for the 310 million americans who cannot be in washington every day to cast votes, to change this country for the better. they have asked us, they have given us the privilege to do that for them. we're hear, minds focused, sleeves rolled up, because we know we have work to do. we know we need to have a leader of this country who is ready to get to work. my friends, i don't think there is any doubt in november, the american people decided they knew who they wanted to be their leader for the next four years. [cheers and applause] we are very pleased that today we convey a message to our president, barack obama that we are ready to work. we see what it means to work. under the leadership of our leader and then speaker nancy pelosi we work wit
was coming at a moment when the administration was going to be more transparent. president obama last night ordered the justice department to share the classified memo with members of the senate and house intelligence committees. his aides indicated this was part of an effort to be more transparent and open about this program. but we heard very little of that from brennan today. >> well, it seems like the administration is saying, look, we're on solid legal ground, it's up to you to figure out whether we are or not. do you think the senators are on board with this? >> there's clearly divided views on the intelligence committee. some like senator wyden, senator udall, and a few others want to see those legal justifications. they can read them now. but by the way, under the rules set up by the justice department the staff and lawyers can't come in to examine them. only the senators can read it. they can't talk about it because it's still a classified memo. they couldn't ask brennan about it at all in the hearing. this is reminiscent in some ways of the way the bush administration briefed cong
hard. >> president obama's chief speech writer is leaving the white house to pursue a career as a hollywood screen writer. yeah. we actually got a clip of his first movie, but to be honest, it still seems like he's in speech writing mode. take a look at this. >> it's great to be here in columbus, ohio. >> look, over the past two years, i've signed into law $1.4 trillion in spending cuts and closed tax loopholes to make sure top-earning americans begin to pay their fair share. >> the fact is, though, we can't finish the job of deficit reduction through spending cuts alone. we can't. >> yes, we can. yes, we can. >> god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> that's what i'm talking about right there. >> a little something light hearted for you this morning. "early start" continues right now. >>> new developments in the all-out man hunt for a suspected cop killer right now. police blanketing a ski resort. >>> monster blizzard. boston and new york right in the path of this thing. thousands of flights already canceled. good morning. it is friday. welcome to "early
, there will be a funeral service for hideya pendleton. the white house let it be known to be that first lady michelle obama will be at the funeral, which will make this even more of a national scale tragedy than it already is. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> feeling sorry for karl rove yet? he is having a lot of trouble getting republicans to listen to him these days. maybe he shouldn't have wasted 100 million of their dollars on the last election. >> we >> will the republican change the substance of their position? >> we need to do better. >> what's going on inside the republican party? >> they've gotten spanked a couple of times. >> better conservative candidates and win. >> on the official republican side, you have karl rove. >> karl rove has a new super pac to get rid of candidate like steve king. >> some people believe to get rid of todd akin. >> the female body has ways to shut that down. >> the republican party ought to split. >> better conservative candidates and win. >> but they are not walking the walk. >> washington has to deal with its spending p
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